The voice inside my head

                     Oh, you are so smart, so clever, so spiritual…nothing compares to you. You have goals to reach, you see yourself as a illuminated man in the near future, not eating food, but sunshine! Hello sunshine, I have some words for you. First of all, you are a fucking looser, this is what you are. Trying to fit in a society who doesn’t give a shit for those who do not fit. Nobody cares if you write poetry or philosophy in a very personal manner, this is just for your personal use, not even your closest friends don’t give a shit for your writings, they don’t have time to read books, how can they will make time to read your stupid compositions about life? You are a philistine, this is what you are. Knowing small things from many areas, but never enough to make a good conversation and maybe get a specialization, all your talking is small talking, pointless conversations. You are so foolish, that you write not for you, but for people. You care about what people are saying about you, you feel like shit if you are criticized, for you, negative words are like swords, or posioned arrows, they kill you slowly, day by day, and makes you think that everybody sucks, but you are the one who sucks my friend, big time. You need positivity, you crave for positivity, but unfortunately you are a moron, who doesn’t fit, because you don’t want to fit. You find yourself between two probabilities – to be or not be  –  just like crazy Hamlet. And you choose the nothingness in between, that’s way you are nothing. Your actions are full of fake passion, you like to think about yourself like an idealistic person, who contemplates about life and nature. Bullshit! You will never reach that point when you can say – I am something! You can’t even say about yourself that you are a human. Humans are designed to fit in society, you don’t fit…wild animal, you are more closer to insanity than you think! Just one more step, and boooom! You will lose your mind, you can’t think clearley anymore, and probably you will kill yourself in the most stupid way. But who cares, many have died, many will die, sooner or later. I know you, you are full of vanity, and I know that you hope, someday, to see all your friends at your funeral, wearing black shirts and ties, crying on each other shoulder – he was a good friend, he had so much potential – yeah you were special, now the worms will eat you, bon appetite – why? Because you did’n fit. Don’t be sad, you will fit in a belly of a worm. You have waited so much time for life to knock on your door…now you have a door on the roof, and this is not idealistic my friend, not at all. How did you reach here? This was not supposed to happen. This is wrong my friend, all the things have gone wrong. Your lack of actions had put you in this cold and dark coffin. Who is to blame? Your mother, your father, your brother or your sister to? No one you fucking idiot, you are to blame. Were was your brain? Do you have a brain? Now obviously  you don’t, but did you had? You had, but maybe it was broken, your brain was never build to fit in. Too bad that you don’t even have the courage to put an end to this bullshit. Nevertheless I hope I will see you on the other side, you fucking liar!


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